The World could be a better place. There is always hope. There is optimism. It is up to you. Because you can make a difference. Each and every one of us can make a change. We can all smile and that is what it takes.


Our smiling face is the symbol of the best version of you. You, who have taken a stand; you, who believe in a better world. At Change Yourself we have taken a stand. We have set out a direction and you are welcome to join us.


Start with a smile. Carry the message.
Our brand is a message in motion. It strives to make a better world – together with you. We have taken a stand when it comes to how our products are produced, how they can positively impact environment and how they can fight overconsumption. Therefore, sustainability and social responsibility are fundamental elements of our way of doing business.


We have done everything possible to enable you to choose a better solution, so that you can smile from inside out.